Bootstrap5 GS Theme

Getsimple CMS is a very old flat-file XML-based open-sourced CMS. Nowadays, many excellent and modernised options are available for flat file-based CMS, so people are not frequently updating Getsimple CMS's themes and plugins. For front-end design, I always prefer Bootstrap over any other architecture. But we can't find a single theme based on the updated version of Bootstrap5. The last stable bootstrap theme for GS was due to rickparrish. So I decided to update rickparrish's Bootstrap3 theme to Bootstrap5. I have reused a few of his codes to create a plugin that would be required for my theme and then create a new package file for the Getsimple cms theme. This is not yet in a stable form, so people using it expect to have good knowledge of HTML and PHP. This website is entirely based on my newly created Bootstrap5 theme. After doing some update changes, I will release this theme as well as plugin for public use.