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In this page, you can find various materials related to LaTeX which I used as course material for my LaTeX Workshop. There are mainly three sections; installing packages, useful links, and materials. In the installing packages, you can find how to install complete LaTeX distribution on your system, under the useful links you can able to find some of the links that we used in our day-to-day life while writing our LaTeX document, and under the material tab, you can find slides, cheatsheet, and lecture note that I used on my LaTeX workshop.

Also, you can try the this inbuild LaTeX editor written on Mathjax if you want to learn mathematical LaTeX commands by using the dropdown menu in the editor.

Open LaTeX Editor
How to install complete LaTeX on my pC?
Basic Instruction
Tex Live / MiKTeX:

If you want to install the TeX system on your computer (ubuntu or windows) then there are two main choices: TexLive or MiKTeX. (For mac users there is only one tex system which is known as MacTeX.) But which is the best TeX system to install on your PC? You can choose between TeX Live and MiKTeX. In practice, it does not make a difference which distribution you use. But most of the time, MiKTeX user faces lots of problems later on due to improper installation. I strongly suggest you use TeXLive.

Download Links:
Download the appropriate file from the given table below. You are also required a pdf viewer application to view the pdf file. 
Windows Mac Linux

About TexLive

Download TeXLive 2010

Download TeXLive (Filename: texlive-year.iso) (Full)

About MacTex

Download MacTex 

MacTeX Installation Instruction

About TexLive
TeX Live – Instructions for Ubuntu
TeX Live – Instructions for Fedora
TeX Live ‐ Use Manual for Others
How to install texlive on Windows 10:

On Windows 10, first, open the texlive.iso file in windows explorer, do not open it using PowerISO. To open it using windows explorer, first right-click on the file and then choose open with option and then select windows explorer. Next, click on Windows-tl-advance.exe to run this file and follow the instruction. It may take 20-30 minutes depending on your system.

Choice of Editor:

Although you will get a default editor along with your TeXLive distribution, but it is recommended to use some other good Editor so that you can compile your document faster with too many predefined options that will help you to write your document.

I personally use the TeXstudio editor but you can also try Texmaker or Kile.

Download Links:
Texmaker: For Windows , For Mac, For Linux.
Kile: For Linux only.
Some LaTeX Materials that I used on Workshop


You can find few slides on how to write LaTeX documents which I frequently used in the LaTeX workshop.


You can find cheatsheet that contains all frequently used latex commands which can be very handy for the beginners.


I have compiled resources avilable online along with few content written by myself into a book format.